Drop Shadow Services Description

Drop Shadow Service is one of the most popular requirements in product shot as clients want their products to look like natural and appealing. Altering Clipping Path a Product / Model / Instrument from its original background, we place a natural drop shadow in the bottom of the Products to make it natural and unique. The ratio of Shadow depends on client’s expectation also. We also provide various kinds of shadow service this includes, Existing Shadow, Floating Shadow, Reflection Shadow/Mirror Effect.

Shadow effect plays an important role to present various images differently as per the requirement. The length of shadow depends on the products and background. Sharp and smooth shadow are frequent for the ecommerce product images like furniture, accessories, bag, shoe etc, whereas reflection shadow/Mirror Effect for Car or Jewelry items.

Example of Shadow Service

Shadow Service requirement varies due to the purpose of use. Clients usually ask natural drop shadow and reflection shadow for ecommerce products images and jewelry images respectively.

If you’re in trouble to select which Shadow service perfectly suits with your images then write us for the test images. We are happy to assist.

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