What is Neck Joint/ Mannequin Services!

Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Service is similar kind of background removal service with different name. It’s applied basically on a dummy or mannequin to extract the garment or fashion item. It’s a kind of extraction of the product from dummy and give a still natural look. In this processing a X (logo) file is needed to support back-part editing. Sometimes our designer retouch the missing part whereas it’s difficult task to adjust the back-part by assuming what could be behind. In that case, we’re to take risk and prove our finest artistic imagination.

Why Neck Joint Service!

Lot of consumers want the product to be a still look without on model’s body; that’s why Photographer takes help from Dummy/Mannequin to shot the products. In that process everything isn’t coming out visible, so to adjust the image, designers need to bring back-front file together for a professional and lively still product in front the consumers.

Example of Neck Joint/Mannequin

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