What is Color Variant Services!

Color Correction is a unique process of changing the existing color of a digital image, to any form of color code or swatch. For many cases certain colors of objects in an image such as clothes or accessories need to be changed to different colors, moderated for color correction, or recolored to restore the balance. This service is perfectly accomplish my Clipping Path Birds design team. In this process, from a single item, we can produce multiple color items, if client provide us color swatch or color code.

Why Color Variant is necessary:

It’s very time consuming for the Photographer to shot similar colored images. So to avoid wasting time professional photographer pick a single item among the similar color variant items, get the color code/swatch and apply them while applying Clipping Path on them. It’s also cost effective for the owner who want his images to be shot by Photographer

Examples of Color Variant Service

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