Looking for the best Clipping Path Company in the city!

In this blog we will discuss if you’re looking for the best clipping path company in the city

I am professional photographer/ I am an entrepreneur and looking for the best image editing company for my business/ freelancing editing whom I should consult! This is the most frequent question a professional, freelance photographer and e-com site owner ask. There are numerous image editing companies in developing countries especially in Asia which is sometimes called the image editing hub but are all of the trustworthy! No, all of them are trustworthy at all. Majority of them are fake and has no physical existence in reality.

So how to find the right company!

That’s very crucial technic. In the age of Fivrr and Upwork a lot of freelance image editor are working and providing service. They have an ambition to get their clients to their site without having any physical existence and secure connection to the designers as well as data safety. So after launching their site, they do some market research and try to reach their client with whom they had some project in Fivrr or Upwork. For a professional/freelance photographer his/her images are biggest asset and when they fail to meet a professional and secure service provider, there is maximum chance that their data might be used to several platform without prior consent by those individual image editor.

In that stage a well-organized company with details contact and registration number in their respected country could be helpful and the clients must be choosy to identify the safe and secure way to deal with the concerned company. Clipping Path Birds is one of the major companies in this sector which has own production house and their designers work in-house where all the internet sites are restricted, except the working software. So you can feel safe to Clipping Path Birds with your data and their image editing capability is 2000+ piece per day.

Why is the Clipping Path fact!

Clipping Path is the most wanted service in image editing, due to rise of internet based e-commerce business. Majority sellers worldwide prefer to remove the background of their product images to maintain the original capture look. So that their products remain natural. Expert designer apply handing drawing pen tool at Adobe Photoshop to bring that perfection. Some Apps and Software artificially remove the background which doesn’t look natural and fail to bring perfection comparing to hand drawing editing in Adobe Photoshop. Clipping Path Birds is very much professional and expert in that case. Their designer doesn’t any magic tool or artificial software, they apply pen tool to conduct Clipping Path. A lot of company also provide some automatic service to remove the background which hamper the reputation of the clients. This might happen to two cases 1- low budge from the clients, 2- dishonest of the designers for quick working.

Do they provide only Clipping Path service!

No, a professional image editing company provide several types of service which are necessary in Graphic Design. Let’s see what Clipping path Work provides. Clipping Path Birds is one of the best image editor in Asia which usually deal with the following services,

  1. Clipping Path
  2. Background Removal
  3. Image Masking
  4. Multi-Path Service
  5. Ghost Manniquin/ Neck Joint
  6. Drop Shadow Service
  7. Photo Retouching
  8. Beauty Retouching
  9. Dust, Spot and Scratch Removal
  10. Roster to Vector Conversion Service
  11.  Web image optimization
  12.  Color Variant/ Color Correction

Some reputed Clipping Path Company in the world

There are a lot of Clipping Path Companies in Asia while among them some companies have Int’l reputation to deal with clients. They’re

1.      Path Edits

2.    Clipping Path ACE

3.    Clipping Path Birds

4.    Cut Out Cow

5.     Clipping Path Asia

6.    Color Experts etc

You will find data safety, secure payment and secure downloading. All of them have DTP in house and excellent working environment for the designers

What is the pricing!

Price varies company to company due to the service and maintenance cost. Among all the alluded companies Clipping Path Work has the best starting price. Their starting price is $0.29 for basic images like Cup, Frame, a4 paper etc. Even the price of the Clipping Path Birds is comparatively lesser than other companies.   

Clipping Path Birds also offers discounts for the bulk order all the year round. They will give you a 10-20% discount if you have 80+ images. That’s a fantastic way to minimize your cost.

What if I am not satisfied with work!

That’s a concerning issue for the photographer and agency, in that Clipping Path Work does revision/correction and free of cost. Sometimes if that doesn’t require it they’re ready to provide a full refund or adjust from the next order whatever clients prefer. Though companies deal with thousands of images regularly, so there is a very limited case of mistakes reported.  Professionalism and Expertise are the two reasons for their confidence. So you can trust their service.

How do I identify who is the best!

That’s not so easy but primarily we can apply some common strategy the way we do for every service in our life. To find the best among the best you should avail service from several companies and compare the outcome. Clipping Path Work always offers free trial service for their clients, so that the clients have access to the quality of their work. The best and effective way to deal with them is to test that’s what we suggest. If starting well and outcome is similar, then you got the best!

Finally to sum up Clipping Path service providers are numerous but fewer are there who’re professional. Your selection should not be in vain because Clipping Path plays a vital role to present your images to the virtual site to grab the attention of the consumers. Choose your image editing partner wisely. Clipping Path Birds should be the company you’re looking for who has 5 years experience in this sector and is dealing with a lot of big projects. When you type the best Clipping Path Company in the city , ‘Clipping Path Birds’ comes first.   

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